All about me

The children have been making family pictures and self portraits. They have been talking about who is in their family. THIS IS MY MUMMY


We have been learning about Airports. We have drawn planes, spotted planes and turned our preschool from a Travel agents to a plane. We made passports and brochures and learn how to say hello, please, thank you and goodbye in lots of languages. We have been packing and learning about all the areas of a […]

Examples of Activities

Sensory play and getting messy Music and movement is always available Children  chose the activities they want in pre school. Creating our own prehistoric world Three bears story table We love it when parents come to help and stay and play. We have a card recycling bin Reduce Reuse Recycle Painting spagetti Exploring dry pasta […]


We have added meditation and yoga to our routine, and encourage quiet time after lunch to think about our day or focus on the things we do well. The children have an emotion basket they can go to to discuss how they feel.