At the sand pit the children had the opportunity to construct dams and channel the water into rivers and lakes as well as observing the flow.  

Slime Day

Everyone enjoyed getting messy when we made our own DIY slime. There was lots of descriptive language observed “is it a worm?”, “mine is squishy” “It’s a sausage” “Is it sticky rock?”, “it’s very soft”, “its slipping out of my fingers”, “it smells like the bath”, I’m squashing mine”.

Singing In The Rain

When the heavens did open the children pretended to be musicians, playing their instruments whilst singing along to their favourite nursery rhymes and songs in the rain. They splashed in the puddles and watched the rain drops hit the ground.

Easter Egg Hunt

Thank you everyone for supporting the Easter Egg Hunt. Seems everyone had a good time and went away with lots of yummy treats. The children have been very busy preparing for the Easter festivities, through sharing stories and reciting nursery rhymes in their rabbit burrow made from den building materials.              […]

Thank you

Back in November some of our children and Committee members braved the chilly weather and represented the Pre-School at the local Co op store. With the help from the Community Co op funding scheme the Pre-School received a rather big cheque from the Co op team. We would just like to thank the community of […]

Winter Walks

                          We wrapped up warm and headed off on some wonderful walks around our beautiful village in the snow and winter  sunshine.                                              […]

Local Community Fund

      Please spread the word and encourage your family and friends to come along to Mobberley  Co op store Saturday 25th November at 12 noon and join some of the  children and Committee members  from the Pre-School.  If you, your family and friend’s haven’t already signed up this will be an opportunity to […]