Moving On

Top tips to prepare your child for starting Big school 

Starting school is a huge change in a young child’s life, and a big adjustment for parents too. Being well prepared will help to make it a positive and exciting experience for them – and for you.

Mobberley Pre-School believe that children benefit most from early year’s education and care when the parent/carer and your child’s setting work together in partnership. Working together to support your child starting school will have beneficial effects on your child’s learning and well-being and help to create a solid foundation for their future.

At Mobberley Pre-school we make time for all children to be with their key worker individually and in small groups, supporting their social and practical skills they need to succeed at school.  We will continue to support the transition to school with a wide range of enjoyable first hand experiences through activities and opportunities for high quality interactions with adults and their peers.  Activities will be planned that require collaboration, ensuring key workers offer support to children in new situations. We will plan and provide experiences and activities that are challenging but achievable. We will support children in managing their feelings and behaviour by establishing routines with predictable sequences and events and prepare children for changes that may occur in the routine. We will name and talk about a wide range of feelings through appropriate play activities and resources giving children time to reflect.

Attached is an example of our exciting and engaging activities that can also help you support your child in getting ready for school before the start of the new school year.  Working as a team with us you can help your child be curious, confident and ready to learn! Your child’s Key worker welcome’s and would appreciate any feedback as when we work together we can provide the best learning experiences for your child .If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s key worker.

Am I Ready For School

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