Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education and development, this could mean providing staff with information on their interests and abilities to volunteering on the parent committee or helping out with fundraising events.

Please see some of our recent testimonials from parents:

“Our experience is of a pre-school with community at its heart that feels like an extension of our family because staff are so patient, loving and nurturing. Elena would rather be there than at home sometimes! I feel like the EYFS is met so children are getting a great head start in their education whilst having fun” March 2020, Nikola (mum)

“There feels to be a much more personal touch where each child knows every member of staff and where they feel safe. As the number of children attending is relatively low in comparison to other settings, there are more opportuities for one on one time/ small focus groups. The wide range of experiences they are able to learn and grow from made it more appealing to me as a parent.” March 2020, Rachel (mum)

“The fact that it is such an integral part of the community and has good connections with other local facilities appealed to me at first. We feel that our child really enjoys mixing with different ages but still within small groups so he that he can feel safe and knows everyone around him. He has come on so much in terms of his social skills, imagnation and interests, we are very happy with our choice!” David (dad)