The Team

Quality childcare is dependent on quality staff. We are committed to fostering a happy, skilled and loyal preschool team, in a working environment where they can attain their full potential and ensuring that we maintain this high standard of childcare provision.

All of our staff hold a recognised National Vocational Qualification level 3 in Early Years Childcare, Development and Play work.  They regularly receive training in Safer Food Handling, Paediatric First Aid,  Emergency Evacuation Procedures, Safeguarding and Child Protection.

Pre-School Settings Manager – Donna Higgins

Qualifications – NVQ level 3 & Management level 3

My name is Donna Higgins and I have been working with children aged 0 – 14 years for over 21 years. I have worked in nurseries, preschools and as a nanny before I began my role here at Mobberley.

I have two chldren and a large extended family hence I understand the importance of family involvement within young childrens’ upbringings and education. I especially enjoy doing junk modelling, arts and crafts, jolly phonics, messy play and outdoor adventures!

My hobbies include weekend city breaks with family and friends, music festivals with my children and bike riding in our lovely Cheshire countryside. I will give anything a shot once: I have previously completed Born Survivor and other accomplishments in aid of charities.

Deputy Manager – Helen Scott-Martin

Qualifications – NVQ level 3 and SENCO lead

Hello, I am Helen and I have been working in Early Years education for 10 years and I love my job!

The child is always at the centre of all my planning and development within the preschool. I love to sing and learn something new everyday so I explore the world with the children. I am the merry play and science acitivity guru!

As SENCO lead, I take the progress and development of all the children seriously by ensuring that all acitivites are accessible, and all the children and their families get the support they need. I feel very strongly about the emotional wellbeing of our children and the setting, and embed mindfulness within our daily routine.

Pre-school Teacher – Jacqueline Hampson

Qualifications – NVQ level 3

Hello, I’m Jackie and I have worked at Mobberley preschool for 14 years. My passion is to help and support each child to grow into a confident and happy individual through their own experience at preschool.

I love going to festivals in my spare time, and I am a qualified face painter which gives me the opportunity to go to the big festivals to face paint. It also means I can be creative with the children in the setting and I am the face painting guru when its party or dress up time!

Preschool Teacher – Elaine Hartland

Qualifications – NVQ level 3 and Complete SEND diploma level 2,3 and 4

Hello, I’m Elaine and I have been involved in Mobberley Preschool for four years, intially as a volunteer before beginning my new role as assistant nearly a year ago.

Going to work is such a joy, it is an absolute privilege to work with such amazing children and colleagues. I especially love the music lessons, creating music, singing and dancing with the children.

Pre-School Teacher – Helen Kynnersley

Qualifications: NVQ Level 3.  I am currently working on a BSL Level 1 Sign Language Qualification.

I have worked in childcare since 2004 for various providers.  I love working with children of all ages, nurturing them and empowering them to discover their own interests and strengths. I am currently a leader at Mobberley Brownies where I have been a Girl Guiding volunteer since 2015. 

I have two children, a daughter and a son, who keep me very busy.  In my down time I enjoy watching crime dramas and documentaries (I have a degree in law) and I have an avid interest in history.  I love listening to a broad spectrum of music, modern country being my favourite, and my dream would be to visit Tennessee for its music.

Parent Management Committee

As a charity, Mobberley Preschool is managed by a Committee of volunteers & pre-school parents or carers.  We encourage and welcome all interested parents/carers to contact us to discuss the possibility of joining the Committee.

The committee is made up of four main roles:

The Chair – Leanne Pickup

I have one child at the Preschool and a baby at home, and I work as an English language teacher. In my role I oversee the day to day admin, organise fundraising events, help staff out in organising trips/ getting materials/ organising special events / staffing issues, HR issues etc… as well as being the point of contact for OFSTED and dealing with any legal or facility matters.

I love that Mobberley Preschool is such an integral part of our community and volunteering to be part of that and to see the children of our area thrive is very rewarding.

Treasurer – Gemma Birchall

I have one child at pre-school and I work as an architect. 

I oversee the financial aspects of pre-school such as liaising with the bank, authorising payments, monies coming in and funding aspects. I also work with the fundraising team and enjoy coming up with ideas to help raise money for the preschool.

I am very creative and love being able to lend my hand to designing things for the pre-school, ranging from exciting fundraising treasure hunt maps for the children to designing new logos and promotional material for the pre-school.

Secretary – Rachael Davies

I have two children, one who is currently at the pre-school and a younger one who will hopefully attend the preschool within the next couple of years. I’m a trained translator and proofreader, and currently work as a private Executive Assistant.

I am Secretary of the Committee and my role involves organising committee meetings, setting agendas and taking and issuing minutes from the meetings. I also help the Chair with any other administrative tasks that need doing. I have recently joined the fundraising team, and I am looking forward to planning (and attending!) events to raise money for the pre-school.

Committee member – Jo Daniels

I have two children, one who recently left the Preschool and moved on to Mobberley Primary, and one who is starting the Preschool soon.

I help the committee out in many different areas, from staffing to fundraising to helping build the nature garden. I enjoy being part of the community and I am proud to be part of such a lovely Preschool that has helped my daughter grow and thrive before starting primary school.